This is the story of an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams. Shri Govindrao alias Appasaheb Pate (Wani) migrated to Pune from Chalisgaon in Jalgaon District of Khandesh, in the late 1950s. Although he began working as a school teacher in Pune, his heart was set somewhere else.

Soon he was joined by his eldest son Kishor, who had a knack of business. A Bachelor's degree in Political Science helped young Kishor to channelize his potential into entrepreneurship. Due to his natural flair for business, he picked up the intricacies of the trade quickly.

Not the one to confine himself with the mundane life of a teacher, Appasaheb began exploring opportunities to expand his horizon. He was fascinated by the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and soon this fascination got the better of him. He ventured into the real estate market and opened a brokerage firm named 'Vijay Estate Agency' in 1963.

In 1983, Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd., was formed as a construction company. Later it became a public incorporated company. The joint efforts of the Pate family resulted in Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd becoming one of the most formidable players in the real estate scenario of Pune city.

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Amit Enterprises Housing Limited